rolling door new

Door Works RD2

$449.00 (GST Included)

Power Point Not Included*
Suitable for single or double doors up to 16m2

  • Soft start/close operation
  • Compact design
  • 1.2 million transmitter code
  • comes with 2 remotes and wireless

Electrical Rating: Input- AC 240V 50Hz Current- 2A Power- 100W

Motor: Type- DC24V Single phase

Recommended Lifting Forces: Max. Lifting force- 60kg. Rated lifting force- 40kg

Door Travel: Door travel rate- 135mm/sec Door travel limits- max 4.5 turns of door drum approx. Max door height- 3.5 Max door weight- 80kg (spring balanced)

Courtesy Light: Light source- 6x ultra bright LED’s. Lighting time- 2.5 minutes

Transmitter: Frequency- 433mHz Coding Type- Fixed code Operation range- 70m Battery- 12VA23x1