Grifco GLD-RDO

Grifco GLD RDO

$1,350.00 (GST Included)

Power Point Not Included*
Suitable for doors up to 28m2 and 18m2 best door types are light commercial rolling garage doors and light commercial windlocked rolling garage doors.

Standard installation included.

LR-Drive opens a 2.4m high door in only 21 seconds. Fastest in its class!

The powerful motor and gearbox can lift roller doors up to 28m2.

The incredibly thin operator requires only 45mm of sideroom clearance.

LR-Drive is myQ compatible and features dedicated inputs for open/close.

Onboard, detachable battery backup for reliable operation.

Super thin 45mm for tight fitting and low sideroom clearance.


  • Poer Supply: 230-240 VAC 50Hz
  • Op. Voltage: 24V DC
  • Duty Cycle: 50 cycles/day
  • Door Speed: 21 secs (2.4m high door)
  • Max Door Size: 28m2
  • Max Door Weight: 270kg
  • Max Door Height: 5.5m.